List of products by manufacturer Horseflame Stoves

  • Horseflame Precision I
    Precision I
    0,00 €
    A fantastic 5kw stove with 83.4% efficiency unlike any other stove on the market.
  • Precision II
    Precision II
    0,00 €
    A fantastic 7 kw stove with 79% efficiency unlike any other stove on the market
  • Graphite 5
    0,00 €
     The Graphite 5 is one of the most effective 5kW output stoves that you can buy. Its unique Heat Conveyor warm air...
  • Graphite 8
    0,00 €
    An excellent medium-sized 8kW stove which makes it perfect for an older house or for a larger than average living...
  • Graphite 10
    0,00 €
    The largest stove in the Graphite range, It is  exceptionally clean burning, thanks to its pre-heated tertiary air...