Contura 210

Contura 210 can be placed pretty much anywhere you want. The stove can be mounted on top of a wood compartment, which is available as an option, with or without a door, and allows you to store the wood practically and close to hand. With the wood compartment, Contura 210 can be placed on most types of flooring.


Why let a beautiful fireplace or mantelpiece fall into disuse? Many homes have older fireplaces that are no longer used. Give them new life with the Contura 210. With a compact, free-standing format, it fits easily in most existing fireplaces. It allows you to continue using the fireplace for what it was intended for – to spread warmth and joy to your home. Contura 210 is available with a glass or cast iron door.

Contura 210G

Contura 210G is the sibling of Contura 210 but with a glass door.